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We're know for our superb customer service, caring attitude, and pure creativity.

But when it comes to choosing the right designer for you and your legacy, we know you want to hear experiences from those who have worked with us.

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Keeping Things Easy

The Western Identity Experience is specifically built to make the Brand Creation Process as easy as possible. With the top 20 Brand Ideas handpicked by your designer and pitched to you, a quick but confident choice has never been easier.

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Your Brand Should Represent YOU.

Here at Western Identity, we strive to create Livestock Brands that are highly reflective of you and your life. That requires extensive inner reflection, deep thoughts, and the exploration of what you want your new Horse, Cattle, or Livestock Brand to symbolize. Feel free to visit our blog for us to guide you through that inner search.

About the Designer

Kate Biaggi, a small business enthusiast, uses her knowledge and experience in the Western Industry and Adobe Suite to bring affordable and creative custom Livestock Brands to families and Western-based businesses across country. Learn more about Kate, her ranch wife lifestyle, and the story behind Western Identity on our About page.

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