We do things differently around here.

After being in the Graphic Design world for 9 years, I've realized that I have different priorities than some of the other Graphic Designers I've come across in the industry. (Spoiler Alert: It's how I interpret a custom service.)

Here at Western Identity, when we say custom, we really mean CUSTOM. Although other designer may pick from "cookie-cutter" designs they have laying around the studio, we choose to do customs the right way. From scratch.

We let YOU be an active part of the Creation Process; no Graphic Design skills neccessary. Your Livestock Brand is built especially and only for you - by you - with a little help from us, of course.

The Western Identity Creation Process

If you have an artistic person if your life, you might have realized that we're a little crazy. I'm also a redhead, and an Aries, so I have those traits working against (or for) me, too... I'm impulsive, I'm competitive, I have no quit, and I take an extreme amount of pride in my work.

You can call it an impulsive urge, or you can call it a creative gift, but once Brand Elements are identified and you have shared your story with me, I get absolutely pumped. I need to see all the possibilities. With every sketch that hits the paper, I get a new idea, and it can go on for hundreds of sketches.

But after working with a few clients, I quickly realized that an overwhelming number of options (in our case, hundreds of Brand Sketches...) aren't always productive for helping you make a confident decision. More isn't always better.

So, as any good herdsman does, I implemented a culling process. In order to make your decision easier, I choose 20 of my absolute favorite Brand Sketches to show to you - offering you the brands that stood out the most and victoriously passed through an intense, detailed-oriented selection process.

I only show you the brands that I would be proud to have myself.

This extra step results in a quicker, cleaner experience for you, without the overload of being exposed to all the wild, potentially subpar, mess of possibilities running through my chaotic graphic-designer-brain.

After you have reviewed the 20 sketches, you can choose a design to have digitalized as your final brand - or you can request a second page of sketches for an additional fee of $20.

Once you have found the Brand Sketch you want to call your own, we bring it to life on the computer (via Adobe Illustrator) and send you your requested files.

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Learning the Story

How do you expect us to tell your story if we don't know it?

Welcome to the Deep Dive.

During this stage of the proccess we will talk about what you want your brand to represent. Tell us all about your ranch, your roots, and your family. We want to hear it all.

Concept Sketching

Now for the fun! Let's get to sketching!

This is the stage where we get to bring your ideas to life. We will fill our sketchbook exploring all the possibilities of your Brand, and once we see what we like, we will choose our best 20 ideas and sketches (from potentially hundreds of options) to present to you.

These 20 sketches only include Brands that we would personally love to see come to life, and that we would proud to use for ourselves - so you can rest assured that they are the best of the best!

If our Top 20 picks aren't what you're looking for, it's back to the sketchbook until we both love what we see! (Extra fees do apply - see listing for details)

Choosing a Winner

Pick your favorite!

Coming from the Concept Sketching phase, you're sure to be left with a few options that are seriously good contenders.

It might be a hard decision, but once you pick your new Brand, we will move on to the Digitalization phase. We're halfway there!


Once you've picked your winner, we're ready to bring that Livestock Brand to it's full glory.

In this stage we will work to create that design on the computer (via Adobe Illustrator) and get your graphic and all requested Brand Files ready to go!


PNG Files (any any others you may have requested) will be emailed directly to your inbox.

In this email we will explain how to use your new files, what to expect, and might even send you a link to our favorite Makers to help you bring your Brand to life ASAP!

Get Branded

You're ready to use your new Livestock Brand!

If you need helping creating your new Iron, Freeze Brand, or memento, we know exactly where to send you! Check out our Makers Page to find all of our reccomended ways for you to use your brand.

And don't forget to send pictures - you have no idea how stoked we are to see our creations come to life on a new family heirloom!