Share about us and make money doing so.

Here at Western Identity, we know that the best way for us to expand our audience is by enlisting the help of friends like you! Whether you're a western influencer or a fellow western-based small business owner, you have the clients that we're looking to work with. By enlisting your help as a Western Identity affiliate, you help us reach a wider audience and in return, we offer you a percentage of every sale generated through your Affiliate Links.

To help you excel in this role, we're here to offer support in the way of graphics and imagery you can share on our behalf, as well as free design services that will help your clients connect with us, both in person, and online (featuring your Affiliate Links).

You can think of us as your sister-business. We offer a service your customers absolutely love, without competing with your own offerings, and you make a steady commission with every referral that results in a sale. (Pssst - that's easy passive income.)

We don't require a certain number of leads a month, posts, referrals, or anything of the such. You decide when, where, and how you market our services. We have purposely built this Affiliate Program to be as simple as possible with competitive commissions, simple terms, a straightforward affiliate platform, and easy payouts for the most transparent reason: Your success is our success.

Basic Qualifications

Client Status

We want you to refer Western Identity because you've worked with us, know our process, and trust our results to be incredibly consistent. Although being a client isn't mandatory, we'd like you to feel be familiar with our vibe - and we think that working with us gives you the best insight to exactly what kind of experience you're referring your clients to.

Customer Base

In order to make your commission, you must have the clients to sell to. Before signing up, we encourage you to evaluate if you have the correct audience to be successfully promoting our products and services.

Product Knowledge

As a business, we cannot be responsible for any false information that our Affiliates may be putting out there. Please review the products and services you intend to advertise, familiarize yourself with our listings, and contact us if you have any questions.


We don't make the laws, but we do have to follow them. All affiliates must be at least 18 years old, report their earnings to the IRS appropriately, disclose their affiliate status where required, and follow the terms in the Affiliate Agreement.

  • Does Follower Count matter?

    There is no requirement for you to have any certain number of followers. The amount that you can make on this opprtunity is based soley on your conversions - you just need a following that is ready to make a purchase!

  • Will my customers get a discount code?

    At this time, there will be no discount codes associated with your Affiliate Account. This may change in the future, and if it doesn, you'll be notified ASAP!

  • How much $$ can I potentially make?

    Your commission will be 10% of sales that are made using your affiliate link. There is currently no Payout cap on this opportunity, however, orders may be limited based on store inventory.

  • How do Payouts work?

    Payout will be made via Check, Money Order, or Venmo every 30 days (typically on the 1st of the month). Your Account Balance must be above $25 to cash out.

  • Will customers know if they're using my link?

    Any time that you share your link, you are required by law to inform the customer that you are sharing an affiliate link with them. When customers go to the Western Identity website through your link, they will be informed that they are checking out through your Affiliate Account.

  • What imagery can I use to advertise?

    Product Photos and Graphics available for use will be available through your Affiliate Portal. You may also use your own photos that you have permission to use. Please do not use any images souced online that have not been specifically assigned to your account.

  • What products can I sell with my affiliate link?

    Your affiliate link will generate you commission on any order of Western Identity Services, Western Identity Merch, or Western Identity Gift Cards. Your commission will NOT carry over to outside shops like the stores and listings that we feature on the "Makers" page.

  • What happens to my commission if an order is cancelled or refunded?

    If a customer who checks out through your affiliate link cancels their order, files a charge back, or for any reason is refunded on their purchase, you will not recieve any comission from the inital sale.

Ready To Start?

If this sounds like a collaboration that you would be interested in pursing, you can apply for my affialiate program using the button below - I can't wait to have you in the club!

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