Just a Ranch Wife with a Dream

Western Identity started with a dream to help small business owners with their Marketing and Branding Imagery. Namely - Custom Logos and other Western Themed Graphics.

I thought this would be such an easy career and perfect for a life on the road with my cowboying husband.

As I worked through the ups and downs of owning a business, I stumbled on my crazy niche of a niche. I don't just work with small business owners, I work with you guys specifically.

I discovered I loved working with the Ranch Moms, the Farm Wives, the Small-Town Entrepreneurs, and other unique families, businesses, and individuals within our Western-Based Industries.

And I found that I really, really, like creating Livestock Brands and hearing the stories behind them. You guys are just super cool!

But I'm not for everyone.

And everyone isn't for me.

As I started to spend countless hours working with my clients from right here on the ranch, I realized that I didn't want to base my income on people who didn't understand our unique life. Or even, simply, people that I didn't click with. (That is code for "humans that totally sucked".) There's already enough crazy involved in life on the ranch.

And that's why I believe in ultimate transparency.

Western Identity is built on a solid belief of clear expectations, deeper, more authentic and wholesome connections, flexibility for the sh*t that happens to all of us, customer service that will leave us as friends, and a healthy dose of reality. I'm betting that your life looks a lot like mine in some ways. My business revolves around our ranch, calving season, gathering and shipping schedules, company brandings, and my small family. I choose to surround myself with clients that understand that my ranchwife duties sometime call unexpectedly, and urgently, and live their life the same way. So if that's what you're looking for in a business bestie - or just in your new go-to Western-Based Graphic Designer - you've found her.

If you want to chat about this beautiful, crazy world with me, I've made it super easy for us to get in touch! Just send me a email and we'll talk business ... or dreams ... or cowboy culture ... Shoot, I like you already!