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Western Identity

Livestock Brand Digitalization

Livestock Brand Digitalization

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Do you already have your Livestock Brand sketched and just need it polished up a bit? Do you need your Brand ready to send to any Branding Iron Maker, Jeweler, Fabricator, Print Shop, or Embroider? Most Makers require a digital file when you order any custom product that features your Livestock Brand on it - make sure you are ready to go with the exact version of your Brand that you want brought to life!

This Listing is to Digitalize one (1) Livestock Brand into PNG files. Additional File formats can be purchased. Your Brand must be sketched exactly as you want you fished brand to look like. All Brands will follow our (Western Identity's) general creative style - please view the photos in our listing before purchase. This listing is not for digitalizing complex, multifeatured logos. Due to the highly discounted rate of this service, only 1 revision is allowed within this listing. No refunds will be issued for the disregard of this Product Listing and our Terms. 

Upon Delivery, you will receive 2 PNG Files (unless specified) to your email provided at checkout. One will have a transparent background, and the other a solid white background. Please contact us within 30 days of purchase if another file format is needed.

Based on your availability to consult with us on your Livestock Brand and your queue in our books, turnaround times can vary from 1-5 days. Please upload your sketch prior to purchase. If a sketch is not included, we will reach out to you for one once we are ready to begin. 


Example of Qualifying Brand Sketch:


Example of Digitalized File: 



The following terms apply:
To ensure prompt and proper communication with the designer, as well as maintaining fair pricing for services rendered, the brand design process will be limited to 60 days from purchase and/or first contact from the designer. There will be no refunds if this timeframe is exceeded, despite whether a final product is rendered. This policy is to ensure that orders are fulfilled and delivered in a reasonable and practical timeframe and so your designer's time is respected.
Because we are only duplicating and digitalizing the Livestock Brand that you send us, no guarantees will be made on "brandability", blotching, trademark infringement, copyright, or originality. Additionally, because it is your artwork, you will have free use of your finished brand with no licensing restrictions from Western Identity. We reserve the right to share your brand and our design work within our portfolio, products, website, and social media.
This listing only applies to Traditional Livestock Brands - We will refund your purchase if you send us a brand that we consider "un-brandable"- such as a complex multifeatured  "Logo" - and no design work has been started. Once any design work has commenced, no refund will be issued. The digitalization of complex multifeatured Logos in not included in this listing. Please feel free to check with us to ensure your Brand qualifies prior to purchase.
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