The Meaning of Your Livestock Brand

The Meaning of Your Livestock Brand

“Clients want to connect to you. Speak to their pain points and make yourself relatable.”

This broad statement is what almost every business coach preaches in the Western Industry. They want you to sell yourself, not your product. They want your client to connect to you, not what you’re selling.

When I reshaped Western Identity, I knew what my values were. I knew what was important to me and I knew that in order to attract my ideal client, I needed to attract people who liked and understood me – people who felt the same way about the same things.

I haven’t always been a a person who worried about my legacy, but at some point between 2020 and 2022, I discovered that I wanted my life to mean more. I wanted to see and explore and soak in the beauty in every single tiny experience in my life, every twist and turn, and every challenge. And I wanted to share that. I wanted my existence and outlook to positively affect others and I wanted to teach people to feel the same way.

So when I approach my relationships with my clients, my brand identity, and how I want to show up within my rebranded business, I had a specific mission.

When it comes to my client’s pain points, I want to approach them from a spiritual, meaningful view. I want them to infuse their own life with meaning, even in small things like their livestock brand.

And if you’re someone who doesn’t view your Livestock Brand as something small, Congratulations. You’ve already graduated to the next step.

Your Livestock Brand isn’t a small thing. It’s a big deal. Your Brand represents your future, your family, your business, your lifestyle, your legacy, and your everyday. It represents and symbolizes a huge portion of your life. It doesn’t matter if you use your Brand currently, or not. It’s a part of your story. Your Brand is so incredibly meaningful.


Maybe I have a different perspective on these things. And maybe it comes from an outside viewpoint. I didn’t come from a Ranching family. One of my first “dates” with my husband was me riding behind him on the four wheeler while he gathered his dad’s cows. We probably hit 40mph on that thing, climbing and racing up and down the foothills of Paskenta, California. My hands ached from holding on to the rack behind me – for hours mind you - and I thought about just letting go and falling off to make him slow down. But I knew he’d never call me back if I did.

The first time I loaded cows with him, we had one chance to run them between a couple panels and the pasture fence and load them straight into the trailer. It had to be fast and smooth. There was no gate to swing closed behind them until they were in the trailer - so when that last cow turned around, I immediately stepped in her path and charged towards her because I sure as hell wasn’t letting some uppity cow get by me and make me look bad. Zach absolutely roasted me for that one. But the job got done.

Every day that I’ve been around this industry, I’ve had something to prove. I’ve had my place to earn, my worth to prove, my lack of experience to overcome, and my drive and mental strength tested. This world became my life because I loved a man whose life it was first.

My first gift to Zach was a silver engraved belt buckle with his brand on it. I knew early on what his brand meant to him, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Since then, I’ve regarded that simple symbol as representative of my life – and my future with him.


Because of my connection to our brand, I’m connected to yours too. I know that when I’m creating these brands, I’m working on a symbol that will represent your life and future. I don’t take that job lightly.

Western Identity is built on those values and beliefs. It’s what sets us apart from the other designers. It makes us your top choice because you want someone who actually cares about you and your life behind the wheel of creating your brand. You don’t consider your brand a fast, easy, and meaningless project and we don’t either. We know exactly what your Brand stands for because it means the same for us.

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