Client Testimonials

We know that quality of service matters, and that's why we want to show you exactly what our clients have to say about Western Identity.

Buckin Barbie Boutique

Kate with Western Identity truly made me feel heard.

Not only did she work fast, but she was able to come up with many different Cattle Brands for my page and continued to do so throughout the process.

She gave me many files types along with my order and it opened the door for so many graphics, t-shirts, and designs!

- Madalyn S.
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Katelyn Bashford

I highly reccomend Western Identity for all of your brand design needs! She took my ideas and made it way better than I imagined! She's quick, responsive, and will work hard to get you exactly what you want.

- Katelyn B.

Moonlit Ranch & Boutique

Super helpful and quick work! I had absolutely no idea what I wanted so I gave her full control of my brand and she did perfectly!!!!

- Michaela H.
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Domino Performance Horses

(Kate) has been by my side for years now, trying to come up with a “brand” and business name that was both meaningful - and "me".

Given that I didn’t have a “story” it’s been a challenge! But we finally did it, she took every idea I had and ran with it, and even put up with me when I was still indecisive. I can’t wait to put my brand on my horses, I owe her a lot of thanks. She’s the best, and really will go to battle with you.

- Rylee D.

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