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Western Identity

Custom Livestock Brand

Custom Livestock Brand

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Start to Finish, we will walk you through all the steps that go into creating a one of a kind Livestock or Cattle Brand. From the brainstorming stage through the delivery of the final files, we work together to create something that represents you, your family, or your Western-based business. The process and artwork is personal and unique to you, just the way that Livestock Brands are supposed to be. 

Upon Delivery, you will receive your selected files to your email provided at checkout.  Please contact us before purchase if another file format is needed. 

Based on your availability to consult with us on your Livestock Brand and your queue in custom order list, turnaround times currently vary from 3-10 days. To ensure your prompt response when it is you time in our queue, we will send a discovery email to collect your Brand Elements. If we do not hear back from you, the order will be considered fulfilled after 60 days from our initial contact. This is a time-intensive process that requires adequate input from the both of us. 

Brand Sketches will be sent a few at a time Once a Brand Sketch is selected, the final Brand will be Digitalized based on the designated sketch. Our client's order will be considered fulfilled once they have selected and received the Digitalized Brand, and/or once client receives 20 Brand Sketches from designer and does not communicate a selection within 2 weeks. Please note that all orders will be considered fulfilled 60 days from the order date whether a product has been rendered or not.

If more sketches are needed to find the perfect fit, they may be purchased separately. The current rate of this extended service is $20 per additional 20 Brand Sketches. 

Please keep in mind that all sketches (Mockups) will remain the intellectual property of Western Identity and may be offered to other clients if not selected. (See Terms on listing for more info on this.)

Example of Brand Sketches:


Licensing Agreement:
For Personal Use and Commercial Use - For use in both non-commercial manner such as; personal home decorations, customized gifts for family members, DIY Crafts, personal party or wedding invitations, use with personal tack, leather items, jewelry, etc. as well as Commercial Use within a business or tax-deductible commercial manner such as; registered livestock brand, business logo, secondary mark or logo, promotional items, advertising, website graphic, watermark, commercialized merchandise, makers mark, clothing lines, mass prints, banding purposes, etc.
Brands may not be resold or edited without consent from Western Identity. 


The following terms apply:
This listing entitles you to participate in a brainstorming process and receive (1) Digitalized Brand upon completion of the sketching phase. 

To ensure prompt and proper communication with the designer, as well as maintaining fair pricing for services rendered, the brand design process will be limited to 60 days from purchase and/or first contact from the designer. There will be no refunds if this timeframe is exceeded, despite whether a final product is rendered. This policy is to ensure that orders are fulfilled and delivered in a reasonable and practical timeframe and the designer's time is respected.
We reserve the right to share your brand within our portfolio, products, website, and social media. If you would like us to not post your brand, we would be happy to oblige, but you MUST specify so at initial contact.
All brand sketches and ideas will remain the intellectual  property of Western Identity and are not to be duplicated, used, sold, claimed, or developed by the client without explicit permission from Western Identity and additional payment. Sketches that are not claimed by the client as the final digitalized brand will be offered to other clients. A courtesy delay of 60 days may be offered by the designer, as the designer sees fit.
Western Identity reserves all copyright and intellectual property claims unless specifically stated. 
Twenty (20) mock-up design sketches will be offered for selection within the purchase of this listing, as part of the brainstorming process, from which the client will select which sketch they want digitalized. If more sketches are needed, they may be purchased via a separate listing for an additional fee. As stated above, the client has no ownership claim to these mock-ups and they will be reused for other clients if they are not selected.
All designs created by Western Identity are derivative of Traditional Livestock Brands. We do not create multi element logos or graphics will terminate our services if a more complex graphic is requested. If the Brand Creation process has already begun, the customer will not be entitled to a refund. Please make sure to read the entire listing before purchase and ask any questions you may have before moving forward. 



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