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Western Identity

YM Branding Irons and Digital Files

YM Branding Irons and Digital Files

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This Ready-Made Brand is ready to go home with you! 

This "YM" Brand is unique and classy, the perfect Brand to bring a distinctive look to your herd. Great as a Freeze Brand, this Brand will look beautiful as a hip or shoulder brand - effectively setting your horses apart from the crowd. 

This Listing will provide you with 2 Branding Irons:

  • 4" Tall Branding Iron with 11" Handle
  • 1" Tall Mini Branding Iron with 11" Handle (Perfect for customizing hats, leather projects, and keychains)


Additionally, included in your purchase are 9 Digital Files. These include 4 PNG Files, 2 PDF Files, 2 JPG Files, and an AI File to provide you the deepest access to use your Brand within Commercial or Personal projects. A little about your new files:

  • Your PNG (Portable Network Graphic) Files will include two solid background color files (Black Graphic and White Graphic), as well as 2 transparent background files (One in Black, the other in White). The files with solid backgrounds will be the easiest for sharing. The files with the transparent background will be best for watermarks and using within graphics. (Please note that the Transparent PNG(s) may not show up correctly on your phone. This is due to your screen settings and is often better viewed on a desktop.)
  • Your PDF(Portable Document File) Files are a scalable file that is great for viewing online and enlarging your graphic. These PDF Files will feature your Brand in black, and in White. Some makers may request this file for prints, embroidery, or vinyl work in order to preserve the most detail.
  • Your AI (Adobe Illustrator) File is where your new Brand was created. This is a completely editable file, providing you have the correct software, that any Professional Graphic Designer should be able to work with in the case that any design changes are ever needed. This file can also produce many other file formats - although we recommend you leaving this to the professionals!


In addition to the physical Branding Irons which will be delivered USPS Priority, all digital files listed will be delivered to your provided email after checkout. You will be able to download each file 5 times and we recommend making a copy on each device that you use - your laptop, desktop, and tablet, and phone. Western Identity will not be responsible for replacing lost files after 90 days from purchase. 

Western Identity makes no claim about the legality of this Brand in your State or County. We make no guarantees about your local Brand Agency approving this Brand for use, and we strongly encourage you to check your Brand Books before purchase. No refunds will be issued. Thank you for your understanding, and your willingness to do you own research before purchasing this Brand. 

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