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Western Identity

Additional Color & Format Files

Additional Color & Format Files

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What's better than using your new Livestock Brand on Tees, Graphics, Signage, and more? How about having your Brand in the color of your choice (aka your Brand Colors) - and not just plain old black? Or having the correct file format to send to your preferred maker?

If the need for extra files arises after your original Western Identity purchase, we've got you covered!

This listing is for adding on an additional Color and/or Format File after original purchase!

** In order to qualify for this listing, you must have previously purchased your Custom, Pre-Made, or Digitalized Livestock Brand from Western Identity. Original Order Number required. Original AI Files required to create Additional Files.**

**Please Note: Western Identity is not responsible for the retention of client's Brand Files after 90 days (from delivery of original files). If AI Files are not available, an additional digitalization fee may be required to create an editable Brand File.**

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