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Western Identity

20 Additional Sketches

20 Additional Sketches

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** This is an Add-On Listing ONLY and may only be purchased with a Custom Livestock Brand **

It’s rare for us here at Western Identity, but occasionally it happens. The first 20 Brand Sketches you have received from your designer might not be exactly what you were looking for in a Brand. This listing is to provide 20 additional sketch mock-ups regarding your original purchase of a Custom Livestock Brand. 

It is important for us to note that oftentimes, the reasons for the first 20 Brand Sketches “missing the mark” is due to a lack of information or communication regarding exactly what you’re looking for in a brand. We would love to have the superpower of being a mind reader, but unfortunately we have to rely on the information that we receive and our understanding and interpretation of that information. Before you purchase this additional listing, we want to make sure that we have the ability and resources to get back on track and create a brand that you’ll love.

Upon purchase of this listing, we would like to review the following topics with you to make sure we are on track and hitting your expectations this time around. 

  1. The style of Brand you are looking for. Out of the brands we have sent you previously, are you looking for a brand that is more traditional? More modern? Something else? 
  2. Your favorite and least favorite mock-ups from the last round, or up to this point. We need to learn and narrow down your preferred style, preferences, and/or letters and symbols. We will ditch the least favorite ideas, and focus more on the ideas you liked, but weren’t quite “there” yet. 
  3. Photo References. By this point in the process, you have likely followed our Instagram and/or Facebook page and have seen other Brands that we have created or have seen some sort of outside influence provided by your available Brand Books, or another source. In order to narrow down your preferred style and look, we would love a few reference photos of what you DO like in a brand, or are hoping your new Brand may resemble. 

Simply and straightforwardly put, it does not benefit either party to continue the Creation Process unless our disconnect, miscommunications, a clear direction, and/or the reasons that we are not hitting your expectations are identified. 

We want to help you achieve a Brand you LOVE. The more information you can provide for us, the more accurately we can do that. 

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