The Western Identity Experience

Keeping things simple, and quick.

The new Western Identity Experience has been specifically developed to offer our clients an easy decision when it comes to choosing their new Livestock Brand. After working with numerous customers to help them design their Livestock Brands, one bit of feedback was rather consistent.

With as many quality ideas, options, and ideas that we pitched, clients were genuinely overwhelmed.

As a custom graphic designer, we love to hear that we provide plenty of options, but as a company who hopes to make this process as simple as possible for you, and ourselves, we knew that we needed to consider a change in the process.

To be honest, we were SO nervous to implement changes in our Creation Process. However, as soon as we launched the idea, our past customers made sure to let us know that this was exactly what they had needed during the design process!

K&S Farms

As a past client, I think the Quick Draw option is a great idea and I would have personally used this for my commercial brand. I felt overwhelmed after being sent all your amazing sketches {after purchasing the Full Experience listing} and I think 20 is still a lot, but a good number to give plenty of options to choose from.

- Sierra W., Owner of K&S Farms
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How exactly does the Quick Draw Experience work?

Where originally, our Full Experience Brand Creation Process offered our clients a view to an upwards of 150 rough sketches straight from inside our Sketch Book, the Quick Draw Experience lets us sketch as normal, privately, and then choose ONLY 20 of our absolute favorite brands to show to you - offering only the brands that stood out the most and passed an intense internal culling process.

That means that you don't have to sort through all of our initial sketches yourself. You are only shown the designer's favorite 20 sketches - all cleaned up - resulting in a quicker, cleaner experience without the overload of being exposed to all the wild, potentially subpar, possibilities running through our chaotic, weirdly specific graphic-designer-brain. Trust us, you prefer it this way!

We only show you the best of the best.

After you have reviewed the first 20 sketches, you can choose a design to have digitalized as your final brand, or you can request a second page of sketches for an additional fee of $20.

Once you have found the Brand you want to call your own, your designer will digitalize it and send you the final files. Easy, Quick, Simple. That's our goal in the Quick Draw Experience.

The Quick Draw Experience has recently become our standard on all Brand Creation Listings.